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"It's time for change and change begins with you."

New Thought Movement UK is a spiritual movement aimed at raising the level of mass consciousness on the planet by teaching the Power of Thought, how to control and direct your thoughts to create the phenomenal life of your dreams; phenomenal relationships, phenomenal health & wellness & phenomenal wealth & success.

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In This Workshop You Will:


Learn about thought, how the thought process works, and how thought impact your life and your world.

Learn about your five energy bodies; your auras, and your seven chakras. Learn their function in the storage and processing of thought.


Learn how to use mindfulness to reduce your level of thought and how to be more mindful in your relationships.

Learn how to use meditation to improve your health, knowledge, emotional balance, and your spiritual growth. Learn how meditation helps you access your subconscious thought.


New Thought Movement UK

"It's time for change and change begins with you." 


I am Joyce. I am a thought expert, a best selling author, a spiritual motivational speaker on the power of thought, and a Poet.

I was born and raised in the Caribbean. I moved to Northern Ireland in 2010 where I discovered the power of thought and its unequal ability to heal lives and to heal the world.

It is my belief that this is the most momentous time in the history of this planet. And control and direction of our thought is the only and best tool available to prevent us from self-destructing.

I founded The New Thought Movement UK in 2014 to raise the level of consciousness on the planet by teaching the Power of Thought.

This is my purpose, it is my soul’s purpose…


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Think yourself into wealth and sucess pi


Health & Wellness

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New Thought Poetry 

By Joyce 

Tend to your own flame

Never leave your light, to go and stand in someone else’s shadow.
Trim your lamp, add oil, protect it from the wind, the rain and the storm.
Keep your eyes on it.
Don’t get distracted by the flickers of other lights in the distance.
Or other lamps waiting to be lit,
Or those burning out of control.
Keep focused on your light.
Keep walking towards it
Do not deviate, walk in circles, or spend too much time in your wilderness.

New Thought Movement UK's Thought Expert, Joyce (Lewis) Louison

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Women Empowerment

How to Succeed in your Career

How to Create the Life of your Dreams

How to Overcome Fear

How to Heal Yourself

The Function of the Mind, Body & Soul

How Thoughts impacts your Health 

How to raise Phenomenal Children

Attracting your Perfect Mate

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

How to a stop being a Victim


(Speeches made to fit each occasion)

What People are Saying... 

After reading this book, "Phenomenal Women, by Joyce" my life changed for the better. It encouraged me to peruse my music career with a passion, now things are moving in the right direction. My relationship with my husband has improved and my boys are doing tremendously.

Anonymous  | Belfast NI 

I purchased Phenomenal Women, by Joyce for my wife, but read it instead. It has encouraged me to take my business to the next level. My relationship with my family has also improved. This book is a blessing to all. 

P. Jinga \ Belfast NI 

After purchasing Phenomenal Women, by Joyce, I suddenly found out that my life shifted gears. After nine years of marriage, I was pregnant with my first son. My marriage which had been on its last legs suddenly began to flourish. Things just got better. I recommend this book for all women. 

S. Jane \ Belfast NI

I ask for guidance and help as I knew without a doubt the Universe wanted me to start sharing all that I was with others.....

Your are the one Joyce, my Mentor, & Teacher, Thank you for being you with all my heart. 

Anjelica | Belfast NI

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