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Some time ago I posted this question, what are the Three Laws Which Governs the Universe?

The question got many comments and answers, but no one quite hit the nail on the head. This was rather surprising. Because if we as humans, exist in this universe and we have no idea what are the laws which govern our existence and the existence of all things are, then what are we really doing here? It is like playing a game and you have no idea what you supposed to be doing to succeed at the game. You will never win. It will all be a wasted effort and wasted time.

There are three laws which governed the universe and everything in it.

  1. All thought is creative.

Every thought you ever had, ever have, and ever will have, is creative. It will create something. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even in this life time, but as sure as the sun will rise and every thought will create an end result.

This is how everything in our lives are created. Our health, our wealth and success and all our relations. And this is how everything in our world comes into being. Every event, and every situation which occurs on our planet, first began with a thought.

First comes the thought, followed by the words, then there is an end result. The manifestation of what first began with a thought.

2. Like energy attracts like energy.

You can also say, like thoughts attract like thoughts. Thought is the purest form of energy in existence.

What this simply means is that we all have within us, the yin, and the yang, the negative and the positive. We all have the propensity to define ourselves as either good or bad. How we define ourselves is through the selection of our thoughts, through the energy we choose to dispense into the universe.

If you send out negative energy, you attract negative result. If you think negative thoughts, you create negative effects. And vice versa.

If you are happy, you will attract things and people which bring you more happiness. If you are sad, you attract things and people who bring you more sadness.

3. Love is all there is.

We all agree that God is love. So you can also say God is all there is, or as many people say, we are all one.

And what this means is that quite literally, everything you perceive with your five senses and your sixth sense, is God.

Everything in the universe, that the mind and the body can comprehend, from the largest body to the smallest atom, is God.

So God, is all there is.

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From our first breath to our last, we are observing the laws of the universe. We cannot step aside from them or operate outside these laws. The only problem is that we are doing so unconsciously, without awareness. So we are using our thoughts to create, but we are unaware of the end result of what our thoughts have brought into being.

Many of us are destroying our lives, our health, our relationships, our wealth, and success, because we do not realise that the energy we are sending off, the thoughts we are thinking, is opposite to what we truly desire. We would like some positive results in our life and in our world, but we are sending off negative energy and thinking negative thoughts.

Most of us are operating from the ego. That is, we think that the next person or the next thing is separate and apart from us.

Joyce -Warrior of Light

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