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The New Thought Movement UK Manifesto


For too long we have lived with the THOUGHT, that the human being is small, limited, an insignificant being, subjected to fate. For too long we have we lived with the THOUGHT that some humans are of lesser importance, of a subcategory, collateral damage to be disposed of, lacking influence, power, or even a reason for existing.


Well no more! It is time for change and change begins with you! You are boundless, limitless; you possess the homogeneous power of the creator of this whole universe within you. It is time to propagate this. It is time to stop accepting the predictions of the world’s pessimist and to actually begin recreating our world as it was meant to be. It is time you begin to experience your healing powers and your powers of creation. It is time to do the impossible because the impossible is only a THOUGHT away. It is time we put an end to world hunger. It is time we stop creating unnatural disasters. It is time we create peace. It is time we put our world back together. It is we put our lives back together. It is time we experience the health, wealth, and happiness that has been promised. It is time to be the movement, the NEW THOUGHT MOVEMENT UK, and see your magnificence.


Famous writer and scientist, Greg Braden said, it takes only the square root of one percent of the world’s population to change their way of thinking, raise their level of consciousness for the entire world to change. That is 8605 of us will recreate the world.


This is the purpose of NEW THOUGHT MOVEMENT UK! "It is time for change and change begins with you." 

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