Tend to your own flame

Never leave your light to go and stand in someone else’s shadow.

Trim your lamp, add oil, protect it from the wind, the rain, and the storm.

Keep your eyes on it.

Don’t get distracted by the flickers of other lights in the distance, 

other lamps waiting to be lit, or those burning out of control.

Keep focus on your own light.

Keep walking towards it.

Do not deviate, walk in circles, or spend too much time in your wilderness.

Do not say, it will be there tomorrow, I can lose focus today.

Keep focus on your own light.

Keep it burning, add oil, trim your wicks, tend to your own flame.

Concern yourself with your purpose, your mission, and your aim.

Let not the noisy confusion of the world distract you.

Let not the ego confuse you.

Let not the desire to be seen, divert you.

Let not the need to be glorified, make you fall off your path.

Keep focus on your own light.

Tend to you own flame.

New Thought Movement UK's Thought Expert, Joyce Louison
Joyce  Louison