Poems & Prose
By Joyce Louison
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Tend to your own flame.jpg
How many petals does a rose have.jpg
The Circle of Life.jpg
Imagine if you did not have a body.gif
If spring won't come.jpg
Within each of us lies a hidden treasure.jpg
The Art of Letting Go.jpg
There is nothing you cannot be, do or have.jpg
What you focus on, you create.jpg
Just Being You.jpg
God and I, We tight!.jpg
There is no such thing as Failure.jpg
Be the example you wish the world to follow.jpg
Could the world depend on you.jpg
Tipping the scales in favour of earth.jpg
What excuse can I give.jpg
I 'am having some trouble find my way home.jpg
Ego Says .jpg
Once I met a man.jpg
Today, I shed a tear.jpg