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Think Yourself Phenomenal

A step by step guide to using the power of thought
Available as eBook & Print 

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Think Yourself Phenomenal is a step by step guide to using the power of thought.
Through many years of experience, Thought Expert, Joyce, has developed this bespoke Think Yourself Phenomenal System, which shows you how to control and direct your thoughts to create Phenomenal Wealth & Success,💛 Phenomenal Health & Wellness,💙 & Phenomenal Relationships.❤️

The system will help you:
👉Change old limiting & disempowering thoughts to new healing thoughts.
👉Eliminate fear from your life.
👉Learn how to heal yourself using the power of your mind.
👉Take responsibility in all your relationships, guarantee your children’s success, learn to put yourself first and become the best and highest version of yourself.


This book contains topics such as:
✅The three main fears which hinders your wealth & success and how to overcome them.
✅How to use your mind to help you achieve success.
✅How to change old, limiting, disempowering sponsoring thoughts which stops you from achieving your goals.
✅Creating your dream life, the step by step process.
✅How to heal your physical body, using the power of your mind.
✅Natural healing therapies and how to naturally prevent diseases.
✅How to think your children into success and how to know when to let go.
✅How to put yourself first and create unconditionally loving relationships.
✅Understanding the purpose of relationships and becoming a self-realised being.


Joyce is a Thought Expert, who has a deep understanding of thought, how powerful thought is, and how the thought process works.
Joyce believes that every situation in our life falls into one of these three categories. Health, 💙 Wealth, 💛 or Relationships. ❤️ She also believes that every situation can be change through a change in THOUGHT, BELIEF, & PESPECTIVE.

With this system, you get to DO IT YOURSELF, ⚒ by following the detailed instructions and reading the life experience examples. 🥰💋

The best self-help book written since Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich."

Andy Harrington - Power to Achieve 

"After using this book, you should never need another self-help book."

Tony Vee - Master Coach 

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