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New Thought Movement UK


New Thought Movement UK is a spiritual movement aimed at raising the level of mass consciousness on the planet by teaching the power of thought; how to control and direct your thoughts to create the phenomenal life of your dreams, Phenomenal Relationships, Phenomenal Health & Wellness and Phenomenal Wealth & Success.

Our I AM Creed is created from an amalgamation of thirty affirmations beginning with the phrase, I AM.

The “I” part of that phrase allows you to focus on yourself, it allows you to become the catalyst for change, it allows you take responsibility for the world, incorporating the New Thought Movement UK’s I AM Creed into your life.

The “I AM” part of the phrase allows you to focus on the present moment and not on the past, or the future. In that way you bring to your present reality, the states of being described in our I AM Creed.

When the pronoun “I” is put together with the present participle of the verb to be “AM” it becomes the most powerful phrase in the universe. “I AM” is the key to creating anything you desire in your life. It is a statement of command that calls forth your creative power and rapidly reduces the time and space distance, between who you are and whom you wish to be. Any statement place after I AM, such as our thirty affirmations, once repeated and believed, by the affirmer, will come into existence.  

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