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Introduction To Thought

We are all created with six senses:
1. Sense of Hearing 👂
2. Sense of Sight 👁
3. Sense of Smell 👃
4. Sense of Speech 👄
5. Sense of Movement 🦶
6. Sense of Thought 🧠
Without one our five senses we are said to be disabled.
But we have let our sense of thought, our sixth sense, run amuck.
We have not paid it any attention, and it is threatening to destroy us, as individuals, and as a world. 🌎🌍🌏
We desire to be rich, ✅ but we are thinking poor thoughts.❌
We desire to be healthy, ✅ but we are thinking unhealthy thoughts. ❌
We desire to have good relationships, ✅ but our thoughts destroy them. ❌

Gives you a beginning understanding of what is thought, how the thought process works and shows how your thoughts impact your life and your world. 💦
It shows you how to use mindfulness to reduce overthinking. 💦
It shows you how to use meditation to stop random, day to day, mundane thoughts. 💦
It helps you access your subconscious and superconscious thoughts. 💦

This eBook / Online Workshop marks the beginning of your understanding of the power of thought and the beginning of you controlling and directing your thoughts to create the life of your dreams. ☯️☮️🕉

Watch this video to find out more about Introduction To Thought 

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