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Sometime ago I posted a question, what are the four cornerstones of the foundation stage of human development?

The question got many answers and comments, but it was surprising to see that no one, actually knew what the four cornerstones of human development are.

The creator who created the being called humans, did not put us here simply to waste time, with no purpose, no strategy, no logic for our progression through life.

We all have a reason and a purpose for being here. In order to fulfil this purpose we all must go through several stages of development.

At the foundation stage there are four cornerstones or four test that we must pass. They are:

1. Self-control

You must develop the ability to control yourself, in every single area of your life. You must learn to control your actions, your words, and especially, your thoughts. You must be able to exercise self-control and self-discipline, discipline our minds and our bodies, particularly, in demanding situations.

2. Avarice

You must learn how to give and how to receive. That is, we must facilitate the flow of universal energy. You must overcome the greed for the material things of this world, the need for excess, to have more than others or more than you need. You must be able to receive with a grateful heart, without needing to repay what has been given to you.

3. Egotism

You must overcome the ego. That is, you must stop Edging God Out of your experiences. Stop believing that you and God are two separate things. Or that your mind, and body are separate from your soul.

4. Slothfulness

Many people think being slothful means being lazy, it does not. It means drifting through life without a definite aim or purpose. Going from one activity to the next, one relationship to the next, one day to the next, with no set goal. Not working towards the achievement of a dream, not aiming for the mountaintop.

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These four cornerstones are represented by the root chakra. The root chakra is usually depicted with four petals, each petal represents one of the cornerstones.

One is not more important than the next, they act a building block in creating a solid foundation a solid foundation upon which you, as an individual, can build a future.

To construct this foundation each person, is allotted either ten days, ten months, ten years, or ten dispensations to go through each test, or stage of development (ten being the perfect score number). So, in total you get forty days, 40 months, 40 years or 40 dispensations.

If these tests are not mastered by age forty, most likely, there will be what is called a midlife crisis. We will keep coming back to this stage, until we master these tests. If as a world we cannot past these tests, we herald the apocalypse. Every person, every group, society, or civilization, must go through them, to evolve.

These tests are symbolized throughout the religious and spiritual world.

Forty days and forty nights Jesus spent meditating in the wilderness.

Forty days Buddha sat under the bodhi tree meditating for enlightenment.

Forty years Israel wondered in the desert.

Forty days and forty nights it rained on the earth after Noah built the ark.

Four Horsemen of the apocalypse.

African experience 400 years of slavery.

The Holocaust lasted 4 years.

Joyce -Warrior of Light

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