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How is THOUGHT Created in a WOMAN'S Mind?

Where do Thoughts come from? Really, why do we think so much?

Well we have 3 TYPES of THOUGHTS, Conscious, Sub-Conscious and Super-Conscious, Thoughts.

Each type of Thought comes from somewhere different, is stored somewhere different, and does something different.

Super-conscious Thoughts, comes from the universe, your soul. They are stored in your casual body, and they provided the blue print for who you are and who and what you can be.

Sub-conscious Thoughts are create when you first encounter a traumatic situation which requires from you and emotional response. They are stored in your emotional and mental bodies. They provide direction to the universe to create your external reality

Conscious Thoughts are offspring of your sub-conscious Thoughts. They are your subconscious Thoughts being express in smaller, constant, repetitive, daily thoughts. These thoughts, give you endless opportunity, to tell the universe a different story about you.

If you are interested in learning more about how Thought is created in a woman’s mind check out todays’ video. Watch the full video on YouTube.

Thought Expert, Joyce Louison

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