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How do WOMEN Stop Mind Chatter and Quiet the Mind?

Are you looking for ways to silence your mind and break the habit of excessive thinking? I have develop this 3-step strategy you can use to permanently quiet your mind.

Step one: Instruct Your Mind

The first step is to Instruct your mind. Give your mind the information it needs so that it knows what to do, it knows where to go, and it know how to best work for you.

Step two: Program Your Mind

The second step is to program your mind. You program your mind by creating a daily routine. Your routine should consist of all the things you can do to move you closer to your dream, goal, or purpose.

Step three: Discipline Your Mind

After you have instructed and programmed you mind, you mind will begin to question you. After all your mind must move the entire universe to create your new reality. It needs to know that you are serious about the new programming, that this is not a passing fantasy, but a deeply heal desire.

If you are struggling with mind chatter and excessive thinking, check out this video.

Watch the full video on YouTube.

Thought Expert

Joyce Louison


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