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The Time has come to move on, African American

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

In recent months, I have had a few experiences and seen a few things, which clarified for me the reason why, as African descendants we are faced with such turmoil, all over the world, especially in Africa and recently in America. Every newspaper, Facebook page and other forms of media are bombarded with the details daily, and there seems to be no end. We do not realize who we are as human beings. We do not know the extent of the power which lies in our thoughts. No words can come out of our mouths, nor can we take any action, which was not first a thought. Our thoughts, not only create the lives we experience, but it also creates the lives of our children and our children’s children, even unto the seventh generation. In addition, the world is, as I have said before, and as many studies have shown, a photo copy of our thoughts.

world peace

So, when we think, “I don’t like her”, “I wish he would fail,” “who does she think she is?” etc. We may delude ourselves into thinking, these are just private thoughts, no one knows, I can just smile and move on with life, but really, we are only fooling ourselves. And what we think we get. We think hatred, selfishness, greed, and we get that in return. We affect ourselves the most by our thoughts and keep ourselves in failure, in lack, in poverty, in mediocrity, in sickness, in sadness, always grabbing but never keeping.

In addition to this, we poison everyone and everything around us. Like thoughts attracts like thoughts, and soon, we become surrounded and entrenched in similar thoughts. These diseased thoughts, bring on our people and descendants diseases, genocide, civil wars, dictatorship and biological warfare to name a few. Then we stand back and complain and point an accusing finger at the perpetrator. The first stone of fearful thinking was cast by us. I implore my brothers and especially sisters of African descent, “let us safeguard our race, not doom it to extinction.” Let us live a life of truth, openness and clarity. Let us lose our fear, replace it with love and see the difference we will make in the world. I refuse to believe that what I have seen and experienced is all we have to offer. I choose to believe that somewhere deep within, we are loving!!!

Joyce Louison

New Thought Movement UK

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