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Someone once asked me, “are you creating a new religion?” I thought about it, then laughed and said, “no.” Because religion ask you to believe in something outside of you. I simply ask that you believe in yourself.

For thirty seven years I slept walked through my life, drifting through experience after experience, until the day I woke up, and everything changed. I realised that there was a purpose to life, a method to God’s madness, and every experience was an integral part of a carefully orchestrated puzzle, designed to remind me of who I am, and who I can become.

On that day, the chains fell off, my mind was unleashed, and I remembered everything that we forget, upon taking our first breath.

POEMS & PROSE is a beautiful and thought provoking compilation of over one hundred and fifty (150) poems and prose by yours truly, thought expert and warrior of light Joyce Louison.

These POEMS & PROSE have been written in moments of divine inspiration spanning over five years.

POEMS & PROSE contains:

poems & prose to raise your level of consciousness,

poems & prose to heal your life and to heal your world,

poems & prose to motivate you to become bigger and better and

poems & prose of gratitude.

This book of poems and prose will remind you of who you are, and who you can become.

Get your copy now on,, or go to my Amazon author's page to purchase.

Joyce Louison

New Thought Movement UK

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