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How THOUGHT Influences WOMAN’S Communication

Have ever had a miscommunication, she said A, but you heard B?

All communication is transmission of thought, and it is done in accordance with the thought patterns of individuals.

If communication depended on one person it would be perfect. After all you know your thoughts and you know your intentions. But when another human being is introduced into the mix, then things begin to get dicey.

Follow these three simple rules to have good communication every time you communicate.

1. Always come in love

All communication is interpreted either from a place of love or a place of fear. Love could be, love of self, love of others, or love for humanity.

2. Always put yourself first

In all communications with others, put yourself first. Your communication is always all about you. The other person you are communicating with should also be thinking the same way.

3. Be Clear and Concise and Complete

Be clear. Use open ended questions to get to the thought behind the thought behind the thought in your communication.

Be concise. State your decision, make your wishes known, ask for what you want.

Be complete. If you have to say no, say no. You will not lose a friend. But if you keep them hanging, in uncertainty, you just might.

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If you are a man reading this post, please share this information with your mother, wife, partner, sister, daughter, female family, or friend who may benefit from it. Or use it yourself. In all of us exist the yin and yan, the male and the female.

Learning how thought influences communication will empower you as a man in a relationship with a woman and any other relationship.

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Thought Expert

Joyce Louison


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