“I Am Charlie!”

So the whole world is in crisis! Security heightened, police presence every where, at airports, in towns, at the lovely Eiffel tower in Paris, every where else.Yes they think they have won, they talk about further increasing security and increasing the monitoring of our internet communications.

How did we get here? When did we get here? And how do we get out of this?

Easy, we wake up!

Wake up and smell the roses, smell the coffee, smell something. Smell the crap that is being feed to us. Implying that Al Qaeda has all of a certain risen up in France, after so much money and lives was spent destroying countries such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, and the millions of lives brought back in body bags not to mention nations wiped out.  On the seventh of January 2015, Al Qaeda is so powerful in France, one of the most beautiful and peaceful and inclusive countries in the world.

The world leaders and the media are now talking about further monitoring of our online communication, increasing security all over the world. As if it is not already illegal to smile in the streets now.

They created this!

Those who exercise control over the masses, those who seek ways to ensure we remain asleep, those who seek at every turn to ensure that fear is instilled in the populations they wish to control.

Police officers arrest a demonstrator after the protest march in downtown Paris
Mass protest: Hundreds of thousands of French workers staged a nationwide strike because of rising fears of unemployment

Well what can we do? We can not be afraid. We can reclaim our power as human beings. we can say ” show me the evidence” someone famous must have said.

We are awake now and no one will be allowed to put a wool over our eyes. We are not asleep.

Muslims did not do this. Al Qaeda did not do this. But we, all of us as humanity,  take responsibility for it because we are one. We are one race, the human race. Until we believe that, until and live that, we will never stop the killing each other, never stop blaming each other, never stop talking about terror and never stop feeling fear.