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How our thoughts can kill someone without us even knowing.

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

It is said, if you want to know the way the world works, look at the human body. Have you ever pricked yourself somewhere, maybe in your leg and felt it on your back? Or have you seen or had a reflexology or acupuncture treatment, where one part of the body is focused on to relieve pain in another part of the body. Well that’s the way the world works. You tickle the universe here and it laughs over there. You create the thought here and its effects are felt, over there.

Of course, we do not wish to take responsibility for that. No one wants to say, “I am responsible for the death of hundreds of people over there”, so we blame some else. We are always blaming others for everything. If outside our house has potholes, its the government’s responsibility, if there is garbage in our community, some else must clean it. If our beaches are dirty, its not our responsibility. When someone dies, its God’s fault, and we are bold enough, we will say its the devils. Its never, us. Because we cannot accept that maybe, just maybe, that within us lies, the power over life and death. So, its never us.

On Sunday, I woke up at 4am. As usual I went into meditation. It was not a good session. I had had a dream the night before of my X classmate telling me, “Joyce you are a brilliant writer, but you need to stop writing with these old pens. Write something fresh, that, I can read.” In the dream I had picked up two BIC pens a black and a blue and I was trying to replace them with new pens. So, I came to meditation hoping to get new words to rewrite something I had written months ago. Fresh material so to speak. That did not happen. In fact the feeling I got was that I could do it myself, there was gonna be no download today. So I got up and wrote what I needed and wrote three other pieces. I was finished about midday.

As soon as I was done, my eye began to twitch. It twitched so much, that I could see it when I looked in the mirror. Then I felt sad. I tried to figure our what thought I might have had, or what I had done to make me sad. I listed the possibilities, one my eye was twitching and my mom always said, twitching eyes means bad news, two, it was raining, three, I was not 100% confident in my writing. As I listed them, the sky cleared up and the rain stopped. I mentally analysed my work and realised it was exactly what I had needed to say, it was good. But the eye continued to twitch. I had breakfast or brunch and for some reason I felt so tired I fell asleep. I woke up at 3pm , checked my phone and realised my best friend’s brother, who had been like a brother to me, had died.

I now know about death, and I know death, does not just, happen. We lay the body down when it no longer serves its purpose. If the body is diseased, to old or too weak to serve as a tool for our evolution, we lay it down. If the soul realises, I can achieve this purpose more effectively through death than I can through life, the soul will drop the body, to achieve its purpose. There is nothing the body can do to stop that. Hence the saying, “sometimes a hero is greater in death then he was in life.” So death, does not just, happen, it is not an accident, a co incidence or a random occurrence. There is a purpose and reason behind every thing, including death.

I expressed my shock because, I could not see the reason behind this death. The young man was in the prime of his life. A body builder, so he was healthy. He was a positive thinker, so he did not kill himself. One look at his Facebook page will show that he was loved, so there was no foul play. Yet he was dead. Just like that.

But it is when we begin to connect the dots, put the pieces of the puzzle together we begin to see the synchronicity of whole universe.

Put yourself in that young mans shoes. He has given up, the so called pleasures of the world, the consumption of alcohol, the running of women, the smoking of cigarettes, the pleasures of night life. He has not seen his family for years, lives in a foreign country, why, so that he can become someone, build


So imagine him picking up his phone, and reading how St. Lucian high jumper Levern Spenser, at the beautiful age 33, after years of working hard, to put St. Lucia on the map, and make her people proud, had come home a commonwealth gold medallist. And instead being greeted with a nation wide motorcade, instead of being hoisted on her people’s back as a hero, instead of people talk about the fact that she had made history, by being the only athlete in the Caribbean, ever, to win gold at the CAC, Pan American and Commonwealth Games. The focus, had been on politics, back biting and negativity.

How demoralised would he have been? He might have wondered why the hell am I doing all of this? If they can’t be happy for her, will they be happy for me? Maybe he felt it was all pointless, that there was no really no need to go on. Because not many hours later, his spirit laid down his body.

For every like on a negative post on Facebook, it means between 50 to 100 people have read and assimilated that thought. The more prevalent the thought, the stronger the effects and the faster it is felt.

In a nation where the homicide rates doubled from 2016 to 2017, is it not time to start thinking differently? To stop thinking we know it all, and accept that maybe, just maybe, there was a link, we are missing? That maybe the deaths and killings happening in our country, might just have something, to do with our negative thinking?


New Thought Movement UK

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