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Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Does the world know that we are at war? Not only a psychological war of fear, but a war fought on all fronts, in all areas and against multiples of so called enemies. In reality, there is only one war, it is a war against humanity.

We can all choose from any number of approaches to deal with this war.

We can, and that is the reaction of the general masses, ignore what is taking place and go on with our dying. I say dying because a life of trying to fit in, to do what everyone else is doing is not living, it is dying.

Or we can cast blame. We can ask:


1. Why are black people (sorry I am not going to water it down and say ethnic minority, because we are not a minority, and everyone is ethnic to their own race) in America and the rest of the world seeming worst off now, under the rein of the first ever, “Black President of the most powerful nation in the world,” than in the days of slavery? Black sports figures are daily slapped over the media as wife abusers and child abusers. Black men have been killed by police regularly. Biological warfare is being waged in Africa and the Caribbean under every conceivable name such as Chikungunya, Ebola and many more.

2. Why is America engaged in Air strikes over Iraq based on reports of Isis killing people in Syria and cutting the head of one soldier and threatening another, when the Gaza looks like hell on earth and no nation would intervene to stop the merciless killing of thousands of women and children? In addition, the news is that several nations have signed up to support America in this another frontal attack on humanity.

3. Why is ISIS killing people? But who is ISIS? What is ISIS? And how can the world believe that a few masked men in an Islamic State, which, not so long ago was ravaged by the world, can create a Militia so strong that it requires the entire world to stop it?

4. Why are the West African nations spreading the Ebola Virus by not getting the Vaccinations needed and why are the people running away from the Quarantine facilities, resulting in the need for foreign troops to be sent to guard and do “whatever else” troops do.

But all these are just that, questions. Just things we can ask.

You can find the truth, the real truth, if you look beneath the crust of the presented pie. If you listen to your heart, you would hear it. The truth would ring in your soul.


We may not pull the trigger, drop the bomb, or spray the virus, but we are the one waging war on ourselves. We do this by denying our true selves. We have a form of godliness, but we deny the power within.

Our true nature is Love. Our true nature is Peace. Our true nature is Happiness. Our true nature is all knowledge, wisdom and power.

The Universe is just a big photo copy machine. First comes our thoughts about ourselves, then comes the outer world of physical manifestations. What we think, we create. What we create, we become. What we become, we express. What we express, we experience. What we experience, we are. What we are, we think. Then, the circle of life is complete.

We can stop the wars, now, by knowing that we are all one. There is no other. We are fighting ourselves. And only when we realize this, can we begin to create heaven on earth.

Joyce Louison

New Thought Movement UK

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