Celebrating what it means to be a woman

A few days ago, was International Women’s day. However, we all know that every day, is women’s day, whether you’re local or International, because as women we are members of the human species, the most beautiful, most splendid, most creative of all living beings on the planet. This is not only because of how we look, it is because we are the only species who can create things and influence our reality, through our thoughts. Everything we see in our world was created through thought. The phone or computer you are reading this from, the building you sit in, everything first begins with thought.

Our Thoughts are pure energy. It is the purest form of energy in existence, it leaves our bodies and heads out into the world and into the universe, extending, forever. Our thoughts last for ever. When we express our thoughts, that is when we speak it out or write it down, we give it added energy, we increase its vibration and therefore, it’s creative power. Every thought we ever have, ever had, or ever will have is creative. It will create something. It must, that is its purpose. Our thoughts impact every aspect of our lives, our health and wellness, our wealth and success and all our relationships. It determines who we bring into our lives and what they bring to us. What our thoughts create, depends on whether it is a thought of love or a thought of fear. Fear is the opposite of love, we have been taught that the opposite of love is hate, it is not. It is fear. Our fear not only impacts our lives, it impacts our world and creates natural and man-made disasters of epic proportions.

I wake up at 4am, the wind is howling at my window. Something is wrong. It is as if the earth is in pain. She is sick, she is trying to tell someone. No one is listening. She is vomiting, her stomach hurts, her head aches. The cells of her body are dis eased. She cannot decide whether she is freezing or whether she is burning. Her body is quaking, volcanoes are erupting around her. She is crying until her soil is drenched. She is throwing tantrums, moving things out of her way, screaming in pain. No one can hear. We pretend, we cannot see, and we continue day after day. I got out of bed. I asked, what can I do? Because I felt her pain. I felt it every twenty-eight days, and I felt it then. And she laughed at me. Do, she said, there is nothing to do. You simply need to be. Be happy, be a woman, celebrate women, celebrate life. I feel what you feel. When you are sad and afraid, I am sad and afraid. When you cry, I cry. When you are in pain, I am in pain. When you throw a tantrum, I throw a tantrum. You want to help me? Be happy. Be a woman. Celebrate women. Celebrate life.

As I sat there, 4am, 5am, 6am. Tears began to stream down my face, because I realise that I had been so busy, I had been so afraid, that I had forgotten what it meant to be a woman. This fear had been passed down for generations, centuries, eons, from the beginning of time, from the first woman. The first woman who defied the rules laid down by man, by society, by culture by religion. The rule said, “don’t eat that fruit, because the day you eat that fruit, you shall know good from evil.” And she defied it. She did not accept the status quo. She did not believe what she was told. She saw that the fruit was good, it was pleasant to the eye, so she ate. And the day she ate, her eyes were opened. She became enlightened. She realised she was a Goddess. She understood the power of her thoughts. She knew the difference between good and evil. And she saw that there was no evil, because when it all came down to it, when all the lies and illusions had been stripped away, there was only love, unconditional love, peace and joy. And so, being a woman, being honest, selfless, kind and loving, she shared with her husband. And he ate.

And his eyes too, were open, and he too, saw that good and bad existed. But he focused on the bad. He saw that he was naked, and he became afraid. He attacked the woman, he accused her, he even accused God. He said, “God, see, that woman you gave me to be my wife, she gave me this fruit.” Then he became petrified, because now, he too understood the power of thought, he understood the power that he had as a human being. Fear is an energy, and it is as contagious as any disease. So, the woman became afraid. She thought, God’s going to punish me. So, she punished herself. She left the garden, where there was no nine to five, where her meals were fruits and vegetables and fish gathered from the streams, where her days were spent in contemplation of nature, basking in the warmth of the sun and sleeping under the stars. And she began to toil, working hard, Pressing for Progress, and for three days a month she bleeds, because she knows she has forgotten what it means to be a woman, a Goddess, half of the divine whole.

This version of the woman has become the status quo, the way things are, a societal, religion and cultural rule laid down by man. We have accepted that we are inferior, and we have believed it. We are less, so we must stand behind and not besides man. And rather than changing the way we think, create a New Thought, we have sort to change the things our thoughts create. So, we form organisations to fight for equality in the work place, we form groups to stop the sexual abuse of the woman, and even though we are on the verge of being replaced by Bundara version 2.0, we resist a new idea, a different concept, a New Thought Movement. But every condition existing in our lives and in our world is created by who and what we think we are.