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WOMAN are your THOUGHTS making you Unhappy?

So, you think you are unhappy because of your circumstance? WRONG! You are unhappy because of your Thoughts.

As a woman you may think that you are unhappy because of your circumstance. For example, you don’t have enough money, you are little bit sick, you are not talking to your mother, your husband is bum, etc. Well, you could not be further from the truth…

There are 3 thought patterns which make a woman unhappy.

1. Thoughts of deceit

You may be thinking that if people really got to know what you are thinking, they may stop loving you, they may be disgusted by you. So, you hide who you really are, you hide your thoughts. This results in unhappiness.

To be happy, be true to yourself. You may not express your thoughts into words, but thoughts can be felt.

Watch my latest video in the series Power of Thought for Women in which I share the three types of thought which makes a woman unhappy.

2. Thoughts of lack

You may be experiencing some difficulty in achieving your dreams, your goals, and your desires. Or you may have no dreams, goals, or desires, and so you are unhappy.

To be happy, find your purpose, take it step by step, and harness your thoughts to achieve your dreams goals, and desires.

3. Thoughts of confusion

You may be finding it difficult to understand, how the universe works. You hear so much about law of attraction, but you are not attracting anything into your life and so you are unhappy.

To be happy, you need to stick with me, and I will teach you how to use the Power of your Thoughts.

If you are a man reading this post, please share this information with your mother, wife, partner, sister, daughter, female family, or friend who may benefit from it. Or use it yourself. In all of us exist the yin and yan, the male and the female.

Learning what type of thoughts makes a woman unhappy, will empower you as a man in a relationship with a woman. It will also help you search you own thoughts to eradicate any unhappy thoughts.

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Thought Expert

Joyce Louison


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