Why did I have children?

Second to life itself, relationship is the greatest gift given to us by the creator. It is only in relationships that we can accomplished what we came here to do, which is, to decide who and what we are, and recreate it in our reality.

As a woman, you will have three main relationships in your life. A relationship with your child, a relationship with your spouse/partner and a relationship with yourself. It is important to know why these relationships exist, the purpose of them, so that you can know better, how to use them to your benefit.

Purpose one: Relationships provides relativity

The first purpose of the parent-child relationship is that it provides relativity. Relativity is the means through which you define yourself relative to something or someone else that you are not. Without another living being on the planet, you do not exist as a knowable entity. Without relationships you have no means of self-definition, if you are not a mother, if you are not a child; if you are not a wife, a husband, a sister, a brother, a cousin, a niece, a nephew, a friend, an enemy, a co-worker, etc, then who are you? What do you define yourself as?

Your Parent-child relationship affords you an opportunity to be even more specific about your definition of self. What kind of mother are you? Are you a good mother or a bad mother? Are you a loving mother or a mother who is existing in fear? You can use this opportunity to correct perceived wrongs done to you by your parents or you can perpetuate these wrongs unto your child.

Your parent-child relationship gives you an opportunity to create a better version of yourself. Your child is your creation, it comes to you as a blank slate, upon which you can impress your values, your thoughts and your beliefs, giving you an opportunity to improve upon yourself.

All children come to their parents as a confirmation of their parents’ thoughts, beliefs and perspectives. Who your child is and what your child is capable of, is the result of what you have created, through your thoughts. If you are not satisfied, your parent-child relationship affords you an opportunity to change your thought, create a new thought and experience a different result.

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Purpose two: Relationship is the basis for synchronicity

The second purpose of the parent-child relationship is that it is the basis for the creation of synchronicity. Synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of events, that appear significantly related but the causal relationship cannot be decerned.

Children are not accidents, coincidences or random occurrences. As a spiritual being, a child chose its mother. For example, if a woman defines herself as happy, if her thoughts, her words and her action, is in harmony with that belief, then it is unlikely that she would create a child who would bring her unhappiness. If, however, a woman defines herself as self-obsessed, she most likely will create a child who has spiritually chosen to be ignored, a child who may have defined itself as a loner or as sad. Though the physical human being may experience the pain of being ignored, the spiritual being, is experiencing exactly what it chose. The intersection of the two events; the mother being self-obsessed, and the child being ignored is synchronicity. Though the causal relationship cannot be seen with the naked eye, they are very much interrelated.

Purpose three: Relationship is the means through which we gain life experiences

The third purpose of the parent-child relationship is that it is a means through which we gain life experiences. Experience is the physical manifestation of your thoughts. It is the aspect of thought which you can see, feel, touch, hear or smell. It is what we can perceive with our five senses.

Being a mother, is an experience we grant ourselves. It has little to do with the child and everything to do with you. Your child is a spiritual being, just like you. They also have a journey, predesigned for them, just like you. They have a definition of themselves they must experience, and so, they choose a family that allows them, to define themselves and to have that experience.

With a better understanding of the parent-child relationship, you can better appreciate it, use it to benefit your life, and use it to help you, decide who you are as a woman, who you are as a mother and then to recreate that definition as part of your experience.

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