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Who’s responsible for creating Peace?

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

24 Days ago, the longest war in the Gaza began. 59,000 reservist were mobilized to fight this war.

The Government of Israel Boldly comes on National TV and make statements such as, “we will not stop until the mission is complete. We are attacking tunnels and will destroy every one of them.”

What is the mission really? And who really is Hamas?

One of the fighter pilots being interviewed by sky news claims, “we are supplying them with medical aids, while at the same time bombing a densely populated area of Gaza and bombing hospitals filled with children.” 425,000 or 1/4 of the Palestine population have been displaced.

US Senator Ray Blunt, instead of denouncing the situation, claims, “we must make it clear to the world what this relationship with Israel means to us.”

Really what does it mean? Does it mean that you would give up the whole world but not lose Israel?

The US


Sky news literally dares the world to do something; they saying,

1. “The outside world, seems powerless to do anything about this…”

2. “A divided world, however appalled, by the suffering lacks the will to stop it…”

Well sky news you are wrong. We the citizens of the world are phenomenal, we know who we are, and we know we are One, One body, One creator, One people, One world, One universe, One consciousness and One mind. We may not all be awake, but some of us, are.

I site Gregg Braden, in “controlling the metrics.” It takes the square root of one percent of the world population to think the same thing, to create a new reality on earth. This calculation results in 8,472 persons thinking PEACE, LOVE and ONENESS for this new reality, to be created.

I will be the first. I declare my unconditional love for all humanity! I declare that we are moving into a new era of peace! I declare that we are all, collectively, responsible for creating the Gaza situation, and therefore we are responsible for uncreating it. I declare that all people are important and that there is enough to go around.

If the men are unconsciously destroying the planet, the onus is on us phenomenal women, to do something. To wake up and make changes. To stop waiting for the battle of Armageddon. It is already here. it is time to use the most powerful weapon available to humans. THE MIND.


Joyce Louison New Thought Movement UK

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