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Thoughts about who you are, creates wealth or poverty

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

A few weeks ago, I went to purchase a school shoe for my daughter. We went to Clarks, where we usually get her shoes. We found two. She tried them on. They were gorgeous. They made her look good, like the “A” student she was. They made her look, and I am sure, feel rich. One was fifty pounds, but the exact replacement of what she just had. The other was sixty-five pounds, a slight variation. She took them off and even though I had the money to pay for them, I said let’s go check TK Max. TK Max sells discounted brand. Good stuff, but they do not sell school shoes. But for some odd reason, there were about four pairs of black shoes that could be classified as “school shoes.” They were cheap. Ten pounds, fifteen pounds. She tried on a few, they did not look good. Being my daughter, she found a pair she could live with and said, “okay mom, this is fine.” And true to form she proceeded to try to like them.

I thought, look who’s laughing now Clarks! Just save me fifty pounds, or did I?

The more I look at the shoes, and thought about them, the more embarrassed I became.

I knew better. I had been down that road before. The road where I tried to cheat myself, of the feeling of wealth. Where I made myself feel poor, by using inferior goods, denying myself, when I could afford to do better.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a deal just as much as the next person, but I now know the power of Thoughts. I know how the universe listens to what we say about ourselves. How it re-creates our beliefs about ourselves. When we think we are poor, we can’t afford things, we say it repeatedly and we act like it, we create in our lives poverty, in our children’s lives, and it follows us even unto the seventh generation.

No matter who you are, whatever your skin colour, who your parents are, where you live or where you came from, the first step, in changing your circumstance, is your thoughts about yourself. Who do you think you are? If you think you are poor, you will remain that way. And no amount of fighting, struggling or praying will change that. But if you think you are rich, slowly, but surely, the wheels of change, begins to turn. Everything, begins with a thought.



New Thought Movement UK

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