In today’s society, if parents were graded based on the success of their children, many would fail. And that is through no fault of their own, it is simply a lack of understanding in society, of how your thoughts as a mother, impacts the success of your child. We do not know how to think our children into success.

Step One: Lay down a Solid foundation of thought, belief and perspective

The first step in thinking your child into success, is to lay down a solid foundation of thought, belief and perspective, for your child. Your thought is the way you think, it is the first thought that comes into your mind when you encounter, a particular situation. Your belief is what you believe about yourself, who do you think you are. Your perspective is the way you see the outside world. A child learns that fire is hot, because you have implanted that thought, it learns to fear the fire, because it has a belief that burns.

Many children do not succeed in life, because their foundation is flawed. They have received wrong, limiting, negative and disempowering thoughts from their parents, which has created a belief system that prevents them from succeeding, and gives them a distorted view of the outside world.

From zero to age seven, a child does not think for itself, it is dependent on its parents for its thinking. At that age, a child is malleable, it is like a sponge, soaking in thought, so that it can shape its belief system, which it will use, to create a perspective.

Part of laying a solid foundation is to create an express vision for your child. An express vision is a written or spoken statement of who you would like your child to become and what experiences you which it would accumulate. In bible days, this was called a blessing, which the father before death, would pass on usually to the eldest son, such as, Isaac blessing Jacob, his son. Expressing your vision for your child, takes it from merely dreaming, wishing and praying, and sets the universe in motion to bring that vision into reality. As time passed, the concept of blessing your child faded, replaced with passing on power, and accumulated wealth, or nothing at all. However, no matter how much wealth or power, you pass on to a child, without a solid foundation of thought, belief, and perspective, you have almost failed as a parent. An expressed vision should serve as a guide to your thought, words and actions concerning your child.

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Step Two: Implant in your child’s mind, success, possibilities, and potential

After age seven, it is time to begin implanting your child’s mind with success, possibilities and potential. Eradicate from their minds limiting, negative and disempowering thoughts. Words such as “I can’t,” or “it’s not possible,” should be done away with, as soon as possible. Encourage, rather than criticise, do not make them compete with each other, but only compete with themselves. If you have a thought that is contrary to your belief in your child’s success, or if they voice a thought that demonstrates they do not believe in their potential, fix that thought as quickly as possible.

It is also important to eliminate fear from your child’s mind at that time. All children are born with only one fear, the fear of falling, which is caution for the physical body. All other fears are learnt from the home and the external environment. There are three main fears that must be eliminated from a child’s mind at this early stage.

1. The fear of failure

2. The fear of what others think about them

3. The fear of not being good enough

These fears are destroying lives, they are destroying countries and there are bringing races to the brink of extinction. Once these fears are eradicated, it is almost a guarantee that your child will be able to achieve anything they put their minds to.

Step Three: Set a Good example; not do as I say, but BE as I AM.

To a child’s conscious and subconscious mind, we are its creators. It believes what we say to it. Any words from the parent, particularly the mother, is very potent to a child’s conscious and subconscious mind. We may in a fit of anger speak words to our child such as “you won’t amount to anything,” “you are lazy,” “You are stupid,” “You are a disappointment,” and more, then, after the fit is over we forget about the words. However, the child takes these words as truth, after all, why would its parents lie to it. The words may leave its conscious mind, but they are lodged in its subconscious mind and are already creating a belief system that will impact its life forever.

Setting a good example is not about what we say, but about who we are. A child learns not by what it is told, but by what it experiences, sees, feels, hears. If we want our children to love us, we should first love them, if we want them to respect us, we should respect them, if we wish for their success, we should work on our own success.

Setting a good example also means doing away with old thoughts, passed down for generations. As time changes, our thinking needs to change to reflect the times. Things such as grounding, timeouts, and punishment, be it physical or emotional will not benefit a child in any way. A new way of thinking which involves, being open, and honest with your child, speaking to your child as if they understand, because they do, will go much further in helping you, think your child into success.

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