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Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Once upon a time, I thought there was something wrong with my hair. I am sure I am not the only one. As a little girl I had no choice, but as soon as I could, I got myself a tub of TCB to relax my hair. There was no way, I would be the only girl with negro hair in secondary school. I pulled my relaxed hair into a slick bun and felt ready for the world. Like clockwork, as soon as the negro begins to show its face, everyone says, you have growth, you need to do your hair, so, I did my hair, I tamed the negro, I relaxed it.

As I grew older, it never occurred to me to wonder, why a people felt that they hair, their natural crown, a possible source of strength or maybe their direct link into the spirit world, should be covered, tied up, or that the structure of it should be changed. It never did, because it was normal. Everyone was doing it. If I did not, I would be the outsider, people might think I was cheap, that I could not afford wigs, extensions, or even braids. When I braided my hair, or “did” my hair, the compliments would rain down. So, it never occurred to me.

Even after I woke up to the Power of Thoughts and realised I had stumbled on something that could change the world, even, when I realised, that my life would now have to be lived in the public eye, my first thought was, “I need to sort out my hair.” It never occurred to me that that might be a “wrong” thought. So, I wrote it down in my dairy. “I need to sort out my hair.” Then I took action. I found me a hair dresser. I paid my sixty pounds. I got my hair “done.”

By now, I know that creation can take place at three level. Thought, because it is most subtle creates at level one. Words, which are thoughts expressed, and a bit denser than thoughts, creates at level two. Action, which are thoughts in heavy, physical motion, and which are the densest of all, creates at level three. So, I had initiated a level three creation. I did not know then, but I soon found out.

On my way home with my new, slick twist braids, I began to feel something was wrong. I thought it must be because I was not charitable. My hair dresser had given me a thirty percent discount. I thought, maybe I should have insisted she take all the money. I will meet her up for coffee and tip her. I had to do something. I could feel something was wrong.

I was a thought expert, I taught healing through the Power of Thoughts. So, I resisted the doctors. When I could resist no more I went to my local GP. My GP was not Interested in what I was thinking. She prescribed me some medicated shampoo. That made things worse, I went to a second doctor, he said I had pityriasis and prescribed me a medicated spray. That did not help.

During meditation one day, amidst tears, of which I had already cried buckets over the past month, it came to me as clear as day. You said it, you created it, you experienced it. The thoughts I had, expressed in words, then acted upon, had become, a disease.

So, I created new thought, got rid of the medication, made a new decision to love my hair, to appreciate it, and to only give it the best. I decided that if I had to do this, what I am doing here, now, bald, I would. Within a couple days, my disease disappeared, and my hair began to grow back.

Of course, being human, even knowing the truth, we resist it. So yes, I did try at first to braid my hair, cornrow it, and yes, treat it with cheap products. Every time I tried, instantly, I would feel it.

So today, I can tell you without a doubt, there is nothing “wrong” with negro hair. As a matter of fact, since I have worn my hair natural, I have never felt more beautiful or more powerful and my pictures, have never been more amazing.

Joyce -Warrior of Light

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