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There are no victims in the universe

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

I stood on the rocks, looking out at the ocean, thinking of the show I had seen the night before. Once again, they had killed of the black character. I thought I was used to it, but this time she was so pretty, she was an intern in Washington DC who had killed herself because she had been black listed for not putting out, not sleeping with the boss.

I thought, MAYBE I need to change my Thoughts. If there were places such as this, where the culture, the norm, was to force women to exchange sex in return for promotion or even to keep their jobs, maybe I should change my thoughts. Even the President had taken a stand to initiate legislation on the matter.

My thoughts then went to the other character who had put out, slept with the boss. A young white girl. Her life had taken a completely different direction. She had gotten the job, and she was having her fifteen minutes of fame. She was holding a press conference discussing the death of her friend and the sexual m


I thought about her life after her fifteen minutes was up. Would she get called into an even more prominent position, maybe get a book deal, maybe even get called by the president to work on the new legislation. And I knew there was no way this would happen, not unless she created new thought. Unless she stopped seeing herself as the victim and accept fully, that she was the creator of her experience. Unless she did that, the universe would keep bringing her the experience over and over, again. There are no victims in the universe. And no amount of laws, rules or legislations will change that. We cannot legislate morality or mandate the fair treatment of women, we can try, but look around, it is impossible. We are not victims of our circumstances. We are victims of our thoughts and if we allow our thoughts to be created by what the world says, we become victims, of the prevailing consciousness.

We have been led to believe that we go through life as the victims of circumstances, that things just, happen to us. That we have no impact on the experiences we encounter on our journey through life. But we do. Everything which happens to us, happens for one of two reasons. One because of a thought we hold about it, or two, for us to create a new thought about it, which then determines future experiences.

Examine your thoughts, to determine what experiences you encounter on your journey of life.

Joyce |New Thought Movement UK Watch video on YouTube Here

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