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The Makkah Opportunity

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Once again, September 11th marks a significant day in world history. Once again masses of my people have moved to a different realm, the realm of the absolute. And once again our memories are still not jogged. We do not remember and still speak in forgetfulness.

My brothers, my sisters, my mothers, my fathers, my sons. and my daughters, my family, my friends, I myself, have passed on, we have given our lives to free people out of the chains that bind us in forgetfulness, but it has yet to produce effect.

Maybe today is the day I remember. Maybe today you will remember. Maybe today we will remember, as one, because we are all one.


I care not where you worship me, as a matter of fact I really don’t care if you worship me, I require nothing of you, not your worship, not your praise, not your obedience and most, most of all not your fear!!!

I don’t care what you wear on your body, or how you dress. It is no concern of mine. As a matter of fact, you could go naked for all I care. I have designed your human body in the image and likeness of me, there is none more perfect! No not one!!!

As for death, there is no death. There is simply life and more life into eternity. So weather you die on a Friday or Monday, you really never,ever die…

My desire for you is that you realise yourself as the most magnificent, most splendid, most beautiful of my creations, to realise that you are my body, the pieces of my puzzle, that you are me and that there is really, nothing else.

My desire is that you remember, not remember me, but remember yourself, and put the pieces of yourself back together so that we can once again experience ourselves as who we really are…

One creator, one being, one love. Living as I live, unconditionally loving, accepting, joyful, blessing and grateful. Then we shall have paradise, not in heaven but right here on earth…

Joyce Louison (Author Phenomenal Women)

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