Life of the Masters: Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna

Path towards Mastery Life of the masters


I grew up as a Christian, I went to church twice on Sundays and once during the week. I sung in the choir, I taught Sunday school service and the works. But I always had the feeling that heaven was not my forte, I did not much like milk and honey, it was too sweet, and I did not fancy walking on streets of gold, I imagined that would not be very comfortable on a sunny day and I loved the sun. I found it however, very interesting to think of the mix of people who would be present in heaven. Everyone thought they were heaven bound and the other person was not. I simply assumed that everyone would be very surprised in the afterlife.

When I became more aware I tried to refrain from using the word “God,” because of how pervasive it had become, however habit kept bringing me back. When I referred to and thought of Jesus, it was usually with an apology at how we had misunderstood and misinterpreted his message.

So, I decided to have a look at the life of four great spiritual leaders or as they were called masters, looking briefly at their lives and the part that meditation played in bringing them to full realisation. I also looked to see who they claimed to be, in effect their I AM’s, the acts or miracles they performed while on earth and their beliefs about humanity or the people around them.

Join me on this exciting journey called Path Toward Mastery beginning with this simple look at the life of the masters where you will begin to remember and refresh your knowledge. You may even create a New Thought. You will have the opportunity to have your questions answered and to air you views on the lives of these great masters.

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Jesus Jesus was born awake or enlightened. That means he was fully aware of his connection to divinity, God, he remembered who he was from the time his soul occupied his body. This is unlike what most of us do, which is, come into this world forgetting the essence of who and what we are. When Jesus was a boy he exhibited vast knowledge for his age. When Jesus turned thirty-three, he went into the wilderness to meditate, to come into full remembrance of all that he knew, to fully move into a state of being and to remember his soul’s purpose. He spent forty days and forty nights in meditation. During that time, he had to bring his body under subjection and strengthen it to withstand severe conditions, he had to destroy his ego, and he had to decide fully that his path was not one of wealth accumulation, but a spiritual path.

To achieve his goals in the wilderness, he did not resist, but simply and clearly, turned away from the temptation to feed his body, by turning stone into bread. He did so, by saying to his cells that they can live on the universal energy and not only the energy that was contained in bread and water. By that act his flesh was put under subjection. He was conscious that he could produce tremendous wealth if he desired, but in the wilderness, he made a conscious decision that his life would be more than the accumulation of wealth, but more about the fulfilment of purpose. He refused to give up his power in favour of quick wealth. He destroyed his ego, by refusing to perform miracles as a public display, even though he knew he could perform them. When Jesus came out of the wilder