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Lies and Illusions

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

How long are we going to believe the lies that we are told, and the illusions presented to us? How long are we going to accept the world as it is presented to us? How long are we going to give in to the fears and trauma created by the media and the powers that be, before we open our eyes and wake up?

Alton Towers, Greece Financial Crisis, Mass Murder in Tunisia, Migrant Crisis.

You can fool some people sometime, but you can’t fool all the people all the time! And your time is at hand, it is coming to an end, we, the world, the citizens of the world, are waking up! We can see behind the Lies and the Illusions you present. We see it does not benefit us. We can see the depression, desperation, anger, frustration, and despair that your orchestrated illusions create.

In 2013 I visited the Alton Towers, I who would not be pushed on a five feet swing, I who was deadly afraid of heights, I concurred my fears and now nothing is impossible to me. So did my entire family. 2015 has seen Alton towers plagued with incident after incident, some which have been caught on camera and played all over the world. Condolences and sympathies goes out to the victims, but don’t be fooled, all of this is in an attempt to empty the theme park, to

alton towers

” Alton Towers is now so quiet after the recent accidents that thrillers barley have to queue for the most popular rides”

Wake up world, don’t live in fear. There is a 1-in-24-million chance of having accident in a theme park. Let’s defy the powers that be! Alton Towers all the way.

Then they felt this was not enough, so they created an illusionary financial crisis in one of the popular tourist destination in the world. All of a  sudden for no reason, a country was in financial crisis. And it was the headline all over the world. protest after protest, meeting after meeting, they can’t print more freaking money to sort the mess they created, out.


Well if that was not enough let’s decide to murder some British people lying peacefully on the sand. How many? How about thirty? How about do it in broad day light? How about by a lone gunman with an AK47 -collateral damage. How about splash it over the media day after day, after day.

The sit back and reap our rewards as the first of 3000 Britons, left their paid for holiday, their sunshine, their laughter and happiness and came back to Briton, depressed and afraid bring with them dark clouds that refuse to shift. How about have the foreign secretary Mr Philip Hammond tell British holidaymakers to leave the country as another terrorist incident is “highly likely” and it is “too big a risk” to allow Britons to remain. Even though Nabil Ammar, the Tunisian ambassador to the UK, said the move was “what the terrorists wanted”, adding it would damage the country’s much relied upon tourist industry.

They don’t care about Tunisia, this is all for the British public. More fear, more Trauma, more depression, more despair. Well Luke 12:4 said, “I tell you, my friends, do not fear those who kill the body, and after that have nothing more that they can do”. Many, Many of us are already dead, simply waiting for the last breath and the burial. Because living in fear is like not living at all.


On to The New Migrant Crisis. All of a sudden, every African man, woman and child want to come to Briton. Really, you may believe that but I don’t. The powers that be, have systematically devastated south, west, and east African countries, along with most of the world. Now they are squeezing the vices on the North African countries, then claiming there is a Migrant crisis. It’s all a movie being played out on the big screen in your living room.


African would be out of their minds to risk their lives to come to the UK without the necessary documentation. Friends, it is not paradise to be in any country without documents. Do some research and see how illegal migrants really live in a country before you leave your home. This is what they want. The grass is not greener on this side, think before making silly decisions. There is no migrant crisis, there is a situation that has been created that can be uncreated in a second. No situation is permanent. All situations are temporary, how long a situation takes to change depends on you!

So, If you have read this you may now be thinking well why would any group of people wish for a world filled with fear. So many reason:

To gain power, wealth, and control. The more people you control the more powerful you are. The more people are afraid they more you can control them.

Why do they need power and control? Well who does not? You control the weather, the money, the people, everything. You decide on wars and on peace, on who lives and who dies, you decide the direction of the world.

The only way to stop this is for every man, woman and child to claim back their power. To begin to think. To switch off the TV and the 100 things that keep our minds distracted but not in use, to think. To contemplate on your selves, on your own beauty, on your own magnificence, on who you were created to be, on who you can be. Raise your energy through your seven chakras, use your power so no one else can use it for you.


Witten by Joyce Louison

But a copy of my book, see how easy it is to wake up and live.

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