IS the Head Line News Real Fake or RUETERS?

IS the News Real, Fake, or Reuters ?

I watched the news recently and was momentarily despaired by the following, among others;

1. It appeared that Prime Minister David Cameron was on a campaign to further divide the United Kingdom.

2. While the world was distracted by the Charlie Hebdo fiasco, the shock, was that, in west Africa the Boko Haram (an organization forbidding western education, and which has obviously, now been branded a terrorist group) development, had not made the news for more than one minute, when more than eighty people had already been killed.

3. Forty-five churches had been touched in Niger, allegedly in response to the Charlie Hebdo protest.

So, I ask again, how much of the news is news, how much is sensationalism, how much is fake and how much is REUTERS?

I would like to say, “the war is on!” But the war, has always been on. The war is between man and himself / woman and herself. Sow what side are you on? For you have always been on one side, or another. But the real question is what side do you want to be on?

  1. I am on the winning side.

  1. I am in the side of love.

  2. I am on the Mahatma Gandhi’s  non-violent side.

  3. I am on Jesus’s “turn the other check side.”

  4. I am on Martin Luther king’s and Mandela’s side.

  5. I am on God’s side, for God is love.

  6. I am on my side, your side, I am on every human being’s side.

What side are you on?

Nigeria is one of Africa’s riches nations, where enlightenment has arrived and where people are now realizing the power of the human mind. How better to break a chain than to destroy its greatest link?  For the hundred and twenty-eight (128) girls

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