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How I sold my house twice…

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

It is never what the world says, but always, it is the Thoughts you create, about what the world says, which creates your reality. You are always the creator of the world you experience.

It is 2009. I have just finished building my first home. I remember the day my then to be husband stood over me while I dug the septic tank. I remember buying a tile cutter for the first time, feeling like a little girl with a new toy, as I tiled room after room. I remember keeping my fingers crossed as I installed a bath tub and toilet for the first time in my life, hoping my tenants would think this was the work of a pro. I was Joyce, Bob the builder had nothing on me.


Now it is 2014. The house must go. I have toyed with the idea for a few years. Yes, no, yes, no. I do not want to sell. I love that house. The thing I love most was the location, next to a secluded river, where I could stare at the handful of fish swimming and get lost, where I could jump on the treetop swing and fly across the river, where I could cross the road and share laughter with Sasa, my wise old friend. I do not want to sell. But when you have been living in fear for a few years, the things you never intend to do, becomes the things which must be done.

I can no longer put off the bank. The stress of the overdue mortgage has taken its toll on me. I can no longer beg tenants to pay me. The overdue rent will have to remain uncollected. I can no longer live in the past, I must let go and focus on the future.

I call an experienced real estate friend of mine. He says, Joyce, you had better keep renting your house. Houses are not selling, these days. You’re not going to get the money you want for this. I can’t even list it for you.

I call my long-time builder friend. He says Joyce, “don’t be stupid. Look at me. I have abandoned my house to the bank. I have been trying to sell it for years. Houses are not selling. The economy is bad, you will not make your money back.

I do not listen. Because now, I know better. I know that it does not matter what the entire world thought, it matters only, only, what I thought. I thought, I need to sell this house for X amount.

I call my long-time friend and X-classmate. I heard she is into real estate now. I have always had a soft spot for her. She is the only person I know who had never had a “real job.” That impressed me. I was certain she had never sold a house in her life before, but, that did not matter. It was 2014, I was awake, everything I touched, turned to gold.

At first, she ignores me, maybe she thought I was not serious. I explained to her exactly what to do. I tell her, “email all the real-estate agents in St. Lucia, tell them you have a house for sale, and you are willing to share commission with them.”

Within a few months, strangely, a young woman comes from the UK, to marry a man who had wanted to marry me, many years ago. She puts down a deposit of thirty-six-thousand dollars on my house, walks away and never looks back. A couple of months later, a gentleman makes a deposit and purchases the house at a reduced price. When it all came together, I made the exact amount of money, I desired, within the stipulated time. I was able to move myself out of debt and recoup my investment.

In our world today, we are so concerned with what “they” say, what the media says and what other people say. We are building our lives and creating the life we experience, using “other-created,” and not “self-created” thoughts.

But no matter what you are attempting to achieve, change, or create, the creative thought is always your own. What do you think? What do you believe? What do you say? This, is what creates your world.


New Thought Movement UK

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