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Updated: Oct 20, 2019


I was raised as a Christian. But I remember even as a young girl saying to God “if this is what heaven is like, I really don’t want to go there”. Not because I felt better than anyone but because I saw beyond the veil. I looked at some of us who were certain that we were heaven bound and saw people who hated their neighbours and lived in that energy for years. I saw people who lived in complete fear all their lives. I saw sisters and brothers who hated each other and competed mercilessly. I saw parents who lived at war with their own children. And I did not want to go there.

Now I am an adult and I know for sure that there is no such heaven. There is no heaven, where, as in the days of apartheid  South Africa, the signs read “No Coloured, No Blacks, No dogs!”. There is no heaven, as in the days of Nazi Hitler’s Germany, when the signs read “No Jews!” There is no heaven as in the “troubles” where the signs read “No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs” or “No Catholics, No Protestants”. There is no heaven as today, where the signs read “No Muslin!”  There is no heaven where someone stands at the doors and decides who comes in and who does not.

It was not until today that I realise that we have been condemning most of humanity to death, by hell fire and damnation, through concentrated year after year thought, words and deeds.  And I thank the creator of the universe that knowledge and enlightenment has arrived and we as human beings we have decided to put and end to the many years of war and create peace. We have decided that there will be a new heaven and a new earth.

A heaven that welcomes everyone, every colour, every race, every religion. A heaven that does not care if a person believes in God or not, for the creator of the pot does not care if the pot believes it is clay. A heaven where a person may represent their God with a stone, gold, silver, the sun, the rain, the moon, the stars, the air that they breath or the thoughts leaving their body and extending into the universe. For the creator created everything and is everything.

A heaven that welcomes the puppet masters that seek to further their power by increased control because they are unaware that there is enough for everyone. they are unaware that they can have as much as their desire and not deplete the store house of the universe. A heaven that says we love you, we are sorry, we forgive you and we are grateful to you. We love you because  whether in the temporary role of pillar or parasite you are important to universal system. We are sorry because you are not yet awake and may simply be executing the judgment that we decree in our hearts. We forgive you because if we were in your shoes we would do the same. We are grateful to you because without you we would not have this New Thought Movement, this defining moment in history to decide once and for all to put and end to all our wars which has plagued this earth for thousand of years.

written by Joyce Louison /

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