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Fuck The Title!

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

For hundreds of years and through many freedom fighters we have been doing the same thing. Going through the same process and getting the same results.

We have been giving up who we are, and who we can become, and seeking permission from an outside source to be who we are not.

We have removed ourselves from the majority to become a minority.

We have stopped being Human to become BLACK man.

We have stop being American, so we can be African Americans.

We “Hugely” think the code is that only some lives matter.


We refuse to face the truth of the situation, we refuse to see that everything that has happened to our race, we have thusly created, designed, and perpetrated on ourselves. Then we have harboured the stories for centuries while refusing to accept any responsibility. We have denied for so long that we have anything to do with it, that we have become blind to the effects of our ways.

We do not see the plight of our people. We do not see the numbers being killed by never ending wars, we do not see those stampeding themselves to death, we do not see those being shot up in schools, we see none of it. We have become so myopic that we do not see that the continued glorification of the destruction of the black man, while blaming another is contributing to the systematic destruction of the race.

Today in 2015, Jamaicans are matching the streets singing “we are slaves” while Americans are matching and wondering why BET is not showing this live.

We are keeping the evolution of humanity back. We are stalling the process of changing the consciousness on the planet.

Many people know the truth, but they can’t say it. For if they did you would call them racist. Well, I am black, I was born in the Caribbean, so I have been told I may be a descendent of slavery. My hair is as nigger as you can find it. But I feel the pain, not of one people but of all people. I feel the pain of the death of every soul that leaves its body, from the life that my brother took, to the death of 717 people by stampede to the thousands being killed by conflicts and rebel wars, I feel the responsibility of it. And I wonder, have I been asleep too long, I wonder if I am doing enough, I wonder if this blog makes a difference.

And I feel compassion.

I feel compassion, because the time is at hand. Humanity is changing. The consciousness of fear is being replaced by the consciousness of love. Those of us still stuck in the hate, anger, separation consciousness will fade away. There will be no place for us who do not consider ourselves part of the all. When the puzzle is put together the remnants will be disposed of. So, I feel compassionate.

I feel compassionate because there is no more time to hope and pray that things will eventually change. There is no time to speak quietly and use nice words and platitudes. There is no time for being afraid. There is no time because, the time is now.

There may be a war going on, but it is not a war of colour, or race or nationality. It is a war of consciousness. It is a war of energy between light and dark. And the rolling stone is gathering moss and there is no stopping it now. There will be peace on earth, there will be an end to all wars, hunger and starvation. We will have what we all seek, heaven. But it will be right here on earth.

So, go ahead, the choice is yours, it has always been yours. You can choose to be part of the all or you can choose to be separate. You can choose to be part of the minority or you can choose to be part of humanity.  You can choose to evolve or you can choose to remain in your consciousness of fear.

It is your choice, your free will, you always had it, and you always will.

Joyce Louison -Author ( Phenomenal Women )

Founder New Thought Movement UK.

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