Don't let your children stop you from living your dreams

As parents, mothers particularly, we find it very easy, to take the easy way out and not accomplish the task that we came to earth to accomplish. However, it is important for you as an individual and for your relationship with your child, to live your dreams, not in spite of being a mother, but because you are a mother. To do so, we must instil a few new thoughts into our minds.

1. Stop using your children as an excuse

Many mothers use their children as an excuse to live a life below their full potential. They repeat phrases such as “I am waiting for the child to grow up,” For me to do so and so; take a course, start exercising, have a relationship, build a business, etc. By staying at home, doing nothing, you make your child feel guilty for being born, implying that they are an intrusion in your life.

Many mothers use their children as excuses to remain in unhappy relationships. They use excuses such as, “I want my child to grow up with a father,” or “I want my child to grow up in a family setting.” If a relationship is making you unhappy there is no reason to stay in the relationship for even a day. The energy of fear will infect your child and impact their lives for a long time.

Many parents use their children as an excuse to be unhealthy, to eat foods that are not appropriate for a woman, but which may be acceptable for a child. After a certain age, the body, stops growing, less energy is being consumed, so it takes a longer time to break down certain foods for an adult woman than it does for her child.

The best example for a child is not what its parents tell it to do, but who and what its parent is. You should always, be living your life on purpose, focused on achieving your dreams and your goals.

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2. Stop having children out of fear

Having a child is a demonstration of your ability to create life. However, once you have created that life, there is no need to keep doing it. You have proven your belief by having the experience of giving birth. However, many parents continue to have children, with no reason or purpose in mind. Many children are born in poverty, in unhappy homes, to parents who are not capable of even taking care of their own selves, not to mention the child. This only serves to propagate poverty and create overpopulation.

Many mothers have children out of fear. They fear being alone. They fear not having anything else to show for the life they have lived. They fear losing their partner. They fear not having someone to love them. They fear actually having to focus on themselves, having to spend time with their own thoughts.

3. Instil these new thoughts into your mind

To effectively not let your children stop you from living your dreams, you should instil in your mind the following principles:

1. It is better to spend quality time with your child rather than spending quantity time. As long as you are there to share meals with your child, help them with their homework, be there when they need you, there is no need to try to spend every waking moment policing your child. They can be left to their own devices, give them space so they can be themselves, and do the things, they desire to do.

2. Time is not a fixed concept, but very elastic. We have grown up believing that time is fixed, however, your time behaves according to your expectations of it. One person may be able to fill their twenty-four hours with, raising the kids, running a business, taking care of elderly parents, volunteering at the charity and still look good doing it. While another’s may be filled with, waking up, having a rushed breakfast, dropping the kids off to school, getting back home to pick up after the kids, rushing back to school to pick them up, having a rushed dinner, then falling asleep to get up and do the same thing all over again.

If you continuously think and say words such as, “I am so tired,” “I have no time,” “I am so busy,” “oh how time flies,” you are basically shrinking your time.

3. It is important to know when to let go. Knowing when to let go of the parenting role is the most loving thing you can do for your child. It is accomplished when you stop living life through your child and when you effectively prepare your child for the outside world.

4. It is also essential to think your child into success; to lay down a solid foundation of thought belief and perspective, to implant into your child’s mind, success, possibilities and potential and to be a living example to your child.

The best example for a child is who and what its parent is, remember, your life is not over because you had a child. Your journey must be completed; your mission must be accomplished, and your purpose must be fulfilled.

Joyce Louison | New Thought Movement UK

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