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Affirmations For Enlightenment

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Affirmations For Enlightenment: The Book of Affirmations by Joyce Louison is now available on Amazon!

For too long we have lived with the thought that the human being is small, limited, an insignificant being, subjected to fate. For too long we have lived with the thought that some humans are of lesser importance, of a sub category, collateral damage to be disposed of, lacking influence, power, or even a reason for existing.

Well no more! It is time for change and change begins with you!

It is time to accept that you are boundless, you are limitless, that you possess the homogeneous power of the creator of this whole universe within you.

The book of affirmations contains over 200 affirmations to help you expand your consciousness.

Affirmations to help you stop edging God out (release the EGO.

Affirmations to help you let go of control, fear, and religious beliefs.

Affirmations to help you heal the emotional and physical body, and heal childhood trauma.

Affirmations to help you activate and balance your seven chakras.

The book of affirmations will help you awaken the divine power within you, and speed you on your journey to enlightenment, as you get to know who you really are, eliminate fear from your life, and become a self-realised being.

Get your copy now on or or go to my Amazon Autor's Page to purchase

Joyce Louison

New Thought Movement UK

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