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Think Yourself Phenomenal System

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

A few years ago, I had what I call an awakening. You may have heard about this thing called judgement day, when you get to heaven and you are judged for all the sins you have committed during your life. Well it was something like that, but I had not died and gone to heaven, this was not happening during sleep, nor was I in meditation. It was broad day light and I could see everything I had done in my life up till then. I saw every time I tried to succeed, every relationship I had, every illness, everything. It was as if my book of life had opened and I was allowed, to have a look.

And what I saw, was that it all led back to me, all my experiences had been created, by me. They were influenced by me and affected by my thoughts words and deeds. I could connect all the dots and see the link between my thoughts and my reality. I put it all into a book, I called Phenomenal Women. I thought it was the best thing since slice bread.

We are all made of thought, we are just a mass of thoughts. So, imagine me putting my thoughts into a book. It was a piece of me. It was magic. And it has created magic for all those who have read it. But it was my first book, not easy to understand. So, I have taken my time and done a do over. I thought I was an open book back then, but this is me, laid bare, stripped of all illusions. I have shaken up my thoughts, added all my experiences, sorted them into a colour coded system. Labelled them, put them in the right section, and come up with this system.

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Think Yourself Phenomenal – The System.

This is the best system since Napoleon Hill’s Think and grow rich. If you have a bible accumulating dust on a shelf at home, replace it with this book. Put it in your bag, take it every where with you. Every situation you encounter in life, take it out and read the appropriate chapter and you will know how to deal with the situation.

You don’t have a partner, you desire one, this system will show you how to attract one. You have a partner, but in an unhealthy relationship, this system will show you how to become a Phenomenal Partner. Your children are not living up to your expectation, this system will show you how to become a Phenomenal Parent and create Phenomenal Relationships. I have not held anything back to teach you in a webinar, where I will try to upsell you a workshop or seminar, I have given you everything you will ever need to change your life.

You are not happy with your life, you are not as thin or as fat as you desire, your health is not where you expect it to be. This system will show you how to use the power of your mind to heal yourself and begin to think yourself into Phenomenal Health and Wellness.

You hate your job; your career is not where you want it to be. Your finances are a mess. You just can’t seem to figure out why things are the way they are. You don’t know how to change them. This System contains a step by step process to create Phenomenal Wealth and Success.

Many people try to sell you their products or services by disempowering you, making you believe that they have what you need to succeed. They can give you a story, that you already have. They can write your book, that is already written. Simply, join their bandwagon, become a passenger on their bus, let them be the captain of your ship. This system is not like that. I have given you all the tools you will ever need. I am not creating followers, I am creating leaders. I am sharing with you my experience, so you can call up on your experiences, see how things work, master your thoughts, then share it with someone, who will share it with someone else, creating the ripple effect much needed in our world. This system will put you in the driver’s seat of your life, make you, the captain of your destiny. After you get it, you will need nothing else from me. This is the DIY system of Life Coaching.

I am a thought expert, who will teach you how your thoughts work, and how to think yourself phenomenal, begin to believe it and then see it reflected in your life and in your world. I do not have to use any tricks of the trade, or marketing schemes to sell you this system. This system will sell itself, because after you purchase it, it will be the last self-help system you will ever need. You will use over and over. You will pass it on to your children and your children’s children. It will be the best investment you ever made in yourself.

The information contained in this system is priceless. You cannot place a value on it. And it is how we begin to heal our world. We have been busy doing, trying to fix our world, through the things we do, and we only make things worse. Because it is not by what we do, but by who we are, can we change our world. It is by changing ourselves, thinking ourselves into Phenomenal Wealth and Success, Phenomenal Health and Wellness and Phenomenal Relationships. This system will show you how to focus on yourself. How to be. As we realise how phenomenal we are and live from that state of being, we impact others and they impact others and soon, just by being phenomenal we impact our world phenomenally.

Joyce | New Thought Movement UK.

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