Today, I shed a tear

A few months ago,

my brother passed away

I did not shed a tear

Because I knew,

He was much better over there

Than he ever was here

But today, I shed a tear

For a hero who once was, but is no more


Today, I shed a tear

For a girl who was my sister, when my sister was gone

For boys who were my brothers, when I had none

For a woman who was my mother when I had no one

For a family who was my family, when I was almost alone

For a hero, who once was, but now, is gone


Today, I shed a tear

For the story, which was almost told

For a dream, that almost became real

For a mission that was almost achieved

For a journey that was almost complete

For a life almost fully lived


Today, I shed a tear

For its not the number of years, we accumulate

But what we have done in the time, we have had to date

It's not the beginning, but in how we end the race

It's not where we came from, but the journey we’ve been on

It’s not just the story, but the message we leave

It’s not the people we meet, but the lives that we touch

It's not the struggles we face, but the impact we make


Live your life in that special way

So that when you pass away

Even though it is just one person

Let that one person

Shed a tear on that day.

Joyce Louison
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