The Art of Letting Go

Spirit I release the need to control everything, I ask for divine guidance

I have done, done, done, I have done myself off the path
I have written, written, written, I have written myself off the course
I have tried, tried, tried, I have tried myself sick
I have thought, thought, thought, I have thought I was saved
Still, I find myself in the wilderness of my life

I let go of the old, I release the past, I stop the struggle, I give up the need to control
I am the machine, I have the body, that the mind controls, but you are the soul, and I allow myself to be guided

I am here, not for my sake, but for humanity
My life has been dedicated and decreed as a tool to be used for the salvation of man
I have no other purpose, but that and that alone.
And as I have clearly demonstrated, this purpose cannot be fulfilled by mere trying, doing, thinking
It is divine, divinely ordained, predestined before time existed for me or for man.

So, the queen of control, finally, and permanently, says, I am ready to do thy will.
Fully and wholeheartedly, without doubt, fear or frustration, expectation or resistance
I am ready to trust my feelings, to listen to the small voice, to be intuitive, to be instructed, by a higher version of myself
To retain my human form, but let go of all limitations, remove all boundaries

I am the warrior of light and I am ready to shine my light, to be a beacon, a lighthouse, a guide for the rest of the world.

New Thought Movement UK's Thought Expert, Joyce