Imagine if you did not have a body

Imagine if you had nobody

You would be amazed at the freedom, the boundlessness,

the limitlessness
You would fly around and realize that time and space no longer existed for you.
You could be here, you could be there, you could be,

just about anywhere.
You could move to the past or move to the future with the speed of your thought.
You could join with the stars, the moon, and the sun
You could be part of the oneness or remain separate from the all
Oh, the things you could do, if you did not have a body
You would smile and seek to share this with your loved ones and think, where is my body?
Then you would see your body, body being carried away,
Being put in the ground and you wonder, why?
Why are they crying? Why are they covering me up?
You can’t understand, because you feel, very much alive.
You go to kiss them and hug them and wipe away their tears,

but you cant.
Because you just don’t have a body.
You look at yourself and wonder, am I dead?
This cannot be, I feel, very much alive.
You want to love your loved ones, kiss your loved ones and show them how much you care.
But, they cannot see you, they cannot feel you, it is as if,

you are just not there
All because of one simple thing
All because you don’t have a body
To them, you do not exist.

New Thought Movement UK's Thought Expert, Joyce
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