I 'am having some trouble find my way home

I look out and see the dark angry clouds
I hear the rolling of the thunder and the pounding of the rain
It’s so dark, it’s so dreary, it’s an exact reflection of me.
With tears streaming down my face and a cough that won’t let me be
The emptiness, the confusion, the sadness, the pain
It seems as if,
I was lost, and I was having some trouble, finding my way home.

I try to force a smile, maybe that would make the sunshine
I try to remember, what it felt to be happy, no blissful,

no, on top of the world
I fail miserably, the memory seems a distant past
Maybe if I focused with all my might, I just might get back on the path
I must have strayed too far, I forgot what the path looked like
It appeared as if
I was lost, and I was having some trouble finding my way back.

I wish I could stop crying, so the rain would stop falling
I wish I could stop feeling sick and everything would be fine
How can I, when I keep changing my mind
If I could only get to my soul, I am sure, the path I could find
It seems my soul, my companion, my guide, may have accidentally, been left behind
And now I was certain
I was lost and would have some trouble finding my way home.

I tried to look through my eyes, to see if the path I could find
They seemed to be empty, no spark, definitely no shine
As if my flame had been outed and my power had gone
And all that was left, was a lesser version of me
Someone I hardly recognized had taken my place
Erased my memory and stolen my face
She now stood in my place as if that was me
For she realized,
I was lost, and thought, I would have some trouble finding my way home.

You see, that’s what happens,
When you stop walking your path, to walk behind someone else
When you stop building yourself, to build up someone else
When you stop focusing on your path, to focus on someone else
It obvious, it’s clear for all to see
You become lost, and you have some serious trouble, finding, your way home.

As I looked around, I was a shock to see
So many others walking aimlessly, circling the same path
They had strayed so far, they were not even trying, to find their way back.
Their eyes were dead, no spark, no light and definitely no shine
They had given up believing in themselves to believe in someone else
They had stopped staring in their own movie,

o become an extra in someone else’s show
And I felt the need, no the urgency, to get back, to find my way home,
Because so many had become lost and they were having some trouble finding their way home.

New Thought Movement UK's Thought Expert, Joyce Louison