God and I, We tight!

When They try to tell you,

“God told me, to tell you this and God told me, to tell you that”
Look at them with surprise, and tell them,

“God and I ain’t got no beef, we tight, God and I

If God lost my contact number,

God can hail me up on snap chat, Instagram or Facebook
God ain’t stupid, God can send me a message on messenger
If I’m not online,

let God be divine and speak to me through my Thoughts,

my words and even through my actions
If there is a break down in our communication, I will try some meditation


When they try to tell you, “God told me, you shouldn’t do this God told me you shouldn’t do that”
Look at them in astonishment and tell them, is it cause I'm black? Or is it cause I'm white?
Maybe God don’t talk to women, or maybe God don’t talk to men
Maybe God don’t like me, because God thinks I am poor, or maybe it’s because God believes I’m rich
I can’t seem to find a reason, why God would talk to you, and won’t talk to me

Imagine if I were to tell you, “Good told me to tell you this, and God told me to tell you that”
You would look at me in shock and tell me,

"You serious? You had time with God and what you talked about was me.
That sounds like gossip, but then again, It seems God talks to you and doesn’t seem to wanna talk to me


If I had time with God, I would not spend it talking about you, I would ask God, 
How does the world keeps spinning in its axis and never ever stops
How does the ocean keep receiving water but never overflows
How does the sun keeps shinning and never ever dulls
How do the stars twinkle and do they hear my Thoughts
The things that I would ask God would take a hundred million years
But none of them would be, something about you


So I would never have to tell you, “God told me to tell you this, or God told me to tell you that”
Because, “God and you ain’t got no beef, God and you tight
If God lost your contact number, God can tweet to you on tweeter, FaceTime or maybe skype
God ain’t stupid, If God don’t like Messenger, God can WhatsApp you
If you’re not online, let God be divine and speak to you through your Thoughts,

your feelings and make you see, that there’s been a failure to communicate
And definitely, definitely, you will meditate