Could the world depend on you?

What if it was all up to you,

You were the only one who had all the power and all the ability,

to change the planet

What if it was all up to you,

you were the only one to bring peace to the world,

to love the world and to create lasting joy
What if it was all up to you, you,

just by being you, could stop all wars,

end all famine and definitely, you could not kill a thing
Because there really was only you

What if all that was required was you, you, to change your Thoughts,

your words and maybe your actions
What if it was all left up to you

Could you be totally joyful in every moment of every day,
Could you dance like David danced, with total abandonment and total joy
Could you, if there was really was only you


What if the solution was all left up to you

Could you be love, could you, could you, could you be love
Could you love everyone and everything unconditionally,

without expectations and with no limitations
Really if it was left up to you, could you
Could you be accepting of all, knowing that truly there is,

only you, one, being many and one, being all
Could you accept yourself for all your perfections and all your imperfections
Could you accept yourself for your mistaken Thoughts words and actions
And even forgive yourself for all you have created, whether good or bad
Could you, if everything was left up to you, Could you be grateful,
For the rays of sun that warms your back, for the ocean that feeds your body,
For the wind that keeps you company, for birds that sing to you,

For clouds that form patterns this way and that way, at the drop of a thought,
For the earth that supports you too and throw,

for the blade of grass that shelter for feet as you go,
For the air that you breathe and the water that you drink
Or could you simply, just be grateful for life
Could be a blessing to all, so that when you live your memory lives on
I am so sure you could, truly, there is no one else,
There has never been and there never will be
It is all just you, one being, one body, one God being human